Growing with the seasons.

Briar Maverick

Briar (they/them) is a Texas transplant and has been with Kylin Arts since the spring of 2018. They're currently enrolled in the Barnes Arboretum Horticulture certificate program. Their favorite tree is the Tall Stewartia, and their favorite garden task is weeding.

Matt Cameron

Loves being outside, learning new skills and finding edible plants. He is always down to build and implement new garden features and teach people new gardening knots. His favorite garden task is pruning and his favorite gardening tool is his Tobisho Japanese hand pruners.

Li Xu

Li is a bird enthusiast. They have been known to write poetry and make zines, sometimes about those alien familiars that are plants. Their favorite shrub is fragrant sumac, and their favorite garden tool is the hard rake.


(He/Him) Que is a Philadelphia native who considers himself a human solar panel. Loves all things of the outdoor variety, his favorite garden tool is his trusty pruners.

Raymond Owens

I'm Raymond Owens, a trained aesthetic pruner, gardener, and earth activist. I received my Associates of Science in 'Landscape and Park Maintenance' in 2018 and trained with the Aesthetic Pruners Association for 3 years. Aesthetic Pruning is the creative interpretation of small trees and shrubs. This living art form combines the artistic skill of the pruner, the essence of a tree, the science of horticulture and the needs of clients and surroundings. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2020 I was fortunate to continue my career in horticulture with Kylin Arts. Here at Kylin Arts I get to bring my unique skill set to improve your garden experience by creating beautiful scenes for you to enjoy with artistic pruning and regular maintenance

Ash Reed

(She/They) They love all things horticulture. When not out in the gardens, they love to work with plants in other ways like cooking, apothecary use, incorporating into their art, dissecting under a microscope, and nurturing their house plants. They also love playing guitar and participating in mutual aid.

Amber O.

Amber is a grower, writer, and herbalist-in-training originally from Brooklyn, NY. 

Douglas Garcia

 A student of life, Douglas (he/him), likes art, science, medicine and natural living. Doug loves all aspects of gardening and in his free time he’s either learning something new, playing music or skateboarding.

Newt Mallinoff

Newt (they/them) is a maker and grower from Baltimore, MD. They are a wood and metal worker in addition to being a gardener. Newt's favorite tools are their hands and the oxy-acetylene torch. They are invested in the relationship between people and the land and movements of resistance.

Ashley Youhanian

Ashley recently received a Certificate Of Merit In Horticulture from the Barnes Arboretum. She enjoys looking at gardens through an ecological lens.

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