Growing with the seasons.


Roman is a farmer and landscaper focused on learning how to work in community the Land, Plant, and Animal kin all around us. He is in his 6th season as a Land Steward and committed to planting Native plants and promoting healthy whole ecosystems


James (they/he) is a grower, painter, and former theater-maker whose favorite tools are a grass hook and a hedge trimmer. They are invested in creating a world of reciprocal relationships between all beings, and they love nothing more than being around flowers. 


(He/Him) Que is a Philadelphia native who considers himself a human solar panel. Loves all things of the outdoor variety, his favorite garden tool is his trusty pruners.


A student of life, Ernesto (he/they) likes art, science, medicine and natural living. Ernesto loves all aspects of gardening and in his free time he’s either learning something new, playing music or skateboarding.


Ashley recently received a Certificate of Merit in Horticulture from the Barnes Arboretum. She enjoys looking at gardens through an ecological lens.


DJ (they/them) is an artist and lover of the earth from San Diego, California. They have been in relationship with animals, humans impact on the environment and plants in various ways throughout their life. They love listening to birds, watching the sky and going for long meandering walks. 


(she/they) Originally from Baltimore, Ellie enjoys crocheting, skateboarding, and drawing silly things in their free time.


Tiffany is a PA native who is passionate about environmentally friendly lifestyles and supporting our ecosystems. Her favorite thing to do in the garden is pruning; when she is not outdoors she enjoys collecting and propagating houseplants.


Katya grew up pulling weeds from her mom's flower beds and planting vegetables & a whole lot of basil with her dad in the backyard. She previously worked on a conservation crew in the Rio Grande National Forest. In her free time, you'll find her attending and playing shows around Philly, studying languages, or learning about linguistics.


Newt is from Baltimore and enjoys wood and metal working.


Matt (he/him) is an experienced gardener and Land Steward, earning his certification from The Horn Farm Center for Agricultural education. He is focused on restoring healthy ecosystems and our human relationships with them by approaching gardens as natural extensions of our wild spaces, important for human and animal habitat. He loves deepening his connection to the natural world by studying primitive cultures, learning ancestral skills, trail running and rock climbing.

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