Why Choose Kylin Arts, LLC?

Fair Business Practices.

We strongly believe in doing business in the most legal, ethical and fair manner possible. Therefore we protect you by being Licensed and Insured (Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Full Workman’s Comp & General Liability). We treat our employees fairly by paying them as employees, not contract workers, and offering wage increases for remaining with our company year after year.



Often we are hired by either avid gardeners or people who know a little about plants but want a worry free experience, because of the great care that we take with their plants and plantings. We are meticulous—if you want “mow and blow” or a quick and dirty job, we are not your gardeners. If you have a property you want treated with care, we are just the detail fanatics to do it right.


Our customers buy from us because they want an all organic service that has low environmental impact. In the garden we use organic amendment and pest control methods like composting and slow release organic fertilizers. We use all electric tools because gas powered equipment has almost no emissions controls. We even power our office with solar panels!


We strive to notice the most minute changes so we can act before problems occur. Many organic solutions take time because they act on the whole plant. Working organically requires noticing and acting while the problem is minimal, watching for changes, and taking the longer, wholistic approach to mitigation.

Great Communicators.

We are not only good with plants but also with words. We will let you know when we are coming, what we discovered, teach you about your plants, listen to your needs and work with you on whatever priorities you have.

Educated Plant Professionals.

Our plant knowledge is exemplary and we get it right the first time. We start out well trained from Longwood classes, stints at Chanticleer, degrees in entomology and backgrounds in farming. The thorough training we provide has prepared past employees for careers as Head Gardener at the Shofuso Japanese house, Gardener at the Brooklyn Botanical garden, and Landscape Designer at Roofmeadows.

Woman Owned, LGBTQIA Friendly.

We make a safe working environment for people on the LGBTQIA spectrum. We work hard to cultivate inclusion anywhere we work.


Kylin Mettler and their wonderfully hard-working crew just completed an extensive clean-up and spruce-up for me. They do wonderful work, showing up precisely when they said they would and doing precisely what they said they would. They are all lovely, friendly, and accommodating. Their results are exquisite.

The experience was a pleasure from beginning to end.

- Audrey

I wholeheartedly concur with everything that Audrey has said. I’ve been using Ky’s landscaping service - Kylin Arts - for several years. The best compliment that I can give Ky and their crew is that several of my neighbors - who enviously admired my landscaping - ran out to hire Ky. I can't recommend them highly enough.

- Gerrie 

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